Alpesh is a leading global speaker. Using his years of experience speaking globally for clients as diverse as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, American Express, LIFFE, he gets to the heart of what online traders want. Alpesh Patel produces modular online trading courses to teach all aspects of trading from stocks, to Forex, charting to fundamentals. They are in bite-size videos and articles. As the Financial Times’ best-selling ‘The Online Trading Coursebook’ there is no more an authoritative teacher.
From his own shows on Bloomberg TV on online trading as their in-house specialist to adverts for brokers to a global audience of 75m+ on BBC, Alpesh has always been the global leading communicator to retail private investors. Industry reviews are always outstanding as is real-time feedback via Twitter.
Alpesh as a CEO himself of an asset management company having spoken about business growth at Oxford Business School, London Business School, to consulting to c-level executives of Charles Schwab (Europe), ETrade (UK), Bloomberg TV and dozens more on strategies which will work on customer acquisition and retention. Alpesh uses his experience not just as a business owner but also as the UK Government’s Dealmaker advising companies on global growth from China, India, Europe and USA.